Developers who work from spectacular locations, InfoWorld, Nov 7, 2017


You may be parked, daily, in an ergonomic desk chair, staring out a window that looks onto a parking lot. But there is a rebellion happening outside your cubicle. A growing number — 10%, according to a Stack Overflow survey — of developers work remotely full-time. Even more — 19% — occasionally work from a remote location. Some of them have taken full advantage of this opportunity and have moved their daily office somewhere spectacular: An island, the slopes, lakeside, or even on a permanent global walkabout.

Many studies have found that remote work is healthy and productive. But there is nothing that brings that truth home like listening to tales from these spectacular locales, where skiing after work, SCUBA diving between meetings, or fishing instead of commuting are part of the daily grind.

Sound expensive? I hate to break it to you, but your cubicle-bound city life costs more.

We tracked down seven developers who live and work in some of the world’s most spectacular locales. We asked how they ended up there, if they get any work done, to explain the economics, and to show us their view.

Read the rest of this story at InfoWorld

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