Coaching IT Pros for Leadership Roles


Identifying future IT leaders is essential for ensuring long-term organizational health. But to develop them, you must move beyond teaching to become a coach for leadership growth. February 9, 2023

When you’ve spent your career mastering complex technologies, stepping into a leadership role might not be the first item on your wish list. As a CIO, you’ve already made this transition. But how do you prepare others on your team for this next career step?

This is one of the more challenging steps in any IT career. It requires you to hesitate when you know the answer, let others make mistakes, and convince someone who has spent decades getting to the apex of a technical skillset to let it go and embrace soft skills that may not come easily.

It’s necessary, though. Because if you don’t do the upfront work to prepare your team to take the helm, you won’t have anyone to fill those seats when you want to move up — or step down.

I spoke to IT executives and leadership coaches for tips on how to develop the leaders on your team. Here is their advice.

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