Christina Tynan-Wood = Christina Wood = Christina X. Wood = C. X. Wood

Is it confusing?

A lot of my stories are under my married name, Christina Tynan-Wood. I got divorced. I thought I wouldn’t care, that I’d keep using Tynan-Wood. Tynan-Wood was always a pen name anyway. (It has better SEO than Christina Wood.) And my kids use it.

Turns out I do care. So I am Christina Wood again.

But this site is my reboot. It’s important to me so humor me.

I wrote about the divorce in Family Circle. It was rough — the divorce. (And large portions of the marriage.) So I might write that story again sometime.


Years ago, a freelance writer named Christina Wood ( sent me a note thanking me for all the work she got because of me. I don’t know that woman. She is not me. I know nothing about her work. If you are looking for me, don’t go there.

My nickname has been X for decades. It started because post-it notes are small. When leaving a post-it on a manuscript — back when people used paper for this — I signed them ‘xtina’ because it fit. If I ran out of room, I shortened it to ‘x.’ People liked X and started calling me that. They still do.

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