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I spoke to CIOs about how and where they find meaning in their work for CIO.com.

The Week

As a contributing writer for The Week, I have covered everything from college admissions to voting to last-minute gifts. Here are a few examples: Or click here to see my author page at The Week. In the wake of the college admissions scandals, this story offers advice for parents looking for help wading through the…


Have you clicked on a story that made you buy something at Amazon — or somewhere else? I write a lot of those. Here is one example.


I wrote a column at CafeMom, covering deals, trends, and sales for moms

4 hot project management trends — and 4 going cold in CIO

I spoke to some terrific project managers for CIO about what’s trending and what’s not in project management. Here’s what’s hot and what’s not. Project management is a slippery target. Once the realm of project managers (PMs) armed with a tracking tool like Microsoft Project, an office, a travel budget, and the 411 on excellent…

How to Be a Geek Goddess

Book: Practical Advice for Using Computers with Smarts & Style (2008) My book — How to Be a Geek Goddess (No Starch Press, 2008) — is a primer on technology for women, who are— or were then — often treated like mere eye candy by the largely male technology industry. I make a lot of…